User Agreement

This agreement governs the relationship between the Customer (hereinafter referred to as "User," "Customer," or "Client") and the Service Provider (hereinafter referred to as "Right Holder," "Administration," "Project," "One RP").

Project Resources and General Provisions 

Project website:
Project server addresses
Discord channel:
Telegram channel: 

  1. User - an individual who uses paid and/or free services provided by the project through interaction with any of the project's products: project website, Discord channel, Telegram channel, game server. 
  2. Services - providing access to project services for users, provided free of charge, except for additional paid services. 
  3. List of additional paid services: Purchase of in-game currency Donate coin, Purchase of a premium account, Additional services that affect the game process on the project's game servers. 
  4. Donation store - a service located on the project's website and/or directly on the game server, allowing the User to purchase Paid services provided by the One RP Project. 
  5. Virtual currency - the main unit of virtual calculations among Players on the Project's game servers. 
  6. In-game items - virtual items used on the Project's game servers. 
  7. Donate coin - virtual currency, exclusively purchased in the Donation store, used to purchase in-game items and virtual in-game currency on the Game Server. 10 Donate Coin = 1.00 EUR 
  8. Project Administration - Project staff ensuring access to the Game Server. 
  9. Project support service - Project staff providing technical support to the User. 
  10. Project Forum - a resource used by Players for communication among themselves, as well as with representatives of the Administration or Support Service of the project. 
  11. Rage MP - a platform through which multiplayer interaction is carried out among Players. 
  12. Account - An account on the One RP gaming server is a personal profile of a user within the 
    gaming environment of the Project. This account contains information about the user, their achievements, ownership of virtual resources, and other data related to the gaming process. Within the account, a user may have access to various gaming features, interact with other players, and utilize in-game opportunities and services, such as purchasing virtual currency, acquiring gaming items, and other gaming privileges. The account also serves to identify the user in the gaming environment and ensures the uniqueness of their personal experience on the server. Ownership of an account may imply compliance with specific rules and conditions set by the project administration to ensure a fair and secure gaming environment for all participants. 
  13. User Agreement - is a legal document establishing the rules and conditions for using the services provided by this gaming project. This document defines the rights and responsibilities of both users (players) and the administration or service provider (One RP). 
  14. Code Vulnerabilities - refer to weak points or errors in the software code that can be exploited by malicious actors for unauthorized access, interference with system functionality, or other undesirable actions. In the context of the gaming project, such vulnerabilities may affect the server-side of the game, the website, databases, and other system components. 
  15. Prohibited Software - refers to cheats, hacks, or other tools that players may use to gain an advantage in the game or violate project rules. This includes various types of external programs or modifications that can influence the gaming process, providing unacceptable advantages or altering the standard behavior of the game. 

Rights and Responsibilities of the Supplier

The Supplier has the right to:

1. Unilaterally modify or delete any content: Program code, Design, Texts, Prices, and any data on the resources owned by the Supplier.
2. Delete user messages in any social networks, group chats, game chats, and other communication channels related to the project without explaining the reasons if they violate the User Agreement or Project Rules.
3. Restrict or completely stop the User's access to any of the resources owned by the Supplier.
4. Provide free and paid services to Users as specified by the Project Website.
5. Delay the provision of services after payment for a period not exceeding 72 hours from the moment of payment.
6. The User agrees not to use Prohibited software for unauthorized access, interference with the program code, or any actions that may lead to a breach of the Project's resource security.
7. The User undertakes to inform the administration of any vulnerabilities discovered in the Project's program code without prior public disclosure.
8. The Supplier has the right to delay the provision of services after payment for no more than 72 hours, provided that the User is notified of the delay.

Supplier's Disclaimer

All services on the portals are provided to users according to the concept of "as is."
The portal disclaims warranties for services or in-game items.
This operator warns that excessive use of PCs, including gaming on PC, may be harmful to the user's health.
The User or their legal representatives agree to be responsible for monitoring their health and not to use the services or limit their use in case of any contraindications; the operator is not responsible for any indirect, incidental, or other losses (including, without limitation, results of gaming services, portal operator, and/or materials on third-party sites and services).
The project is not responsible for any losses arising from the User's excessive use of the Project's resources, including, but not limited to, third-party materials.''

User's Rights and Responsibilities

The User has the right to:

1. Have one account per individual.
2. Configure the account, change modifiable data, if it does not contradict this User Agreement or Project Rules.
3. Access the game servers of the project if they are operational, and the User has not been blocked for violating the User Agreement or Project Rules.
4. Make payments to the Project on a gratuitous basis with the right to receive in-game items or Donate coin currency, as well as other services offered by the Project as indicated on the project's website.
5. Contact the project support service if the services have not been provided for more than 2 hours from the payment moment.
6. Contact the support service for consultations related to the gaming process or any questions related to the provision of services.

The User is obligated to:

1. Provide accurate information during registration or account modification.
2. Use the account exclusively for purposes that do not contradict the User Agreement and/or Project Rules.
3. Fully comply with the User Agreement and Project Rules.

The User is prohibited from:

1. Using any Project resource for commercial purposes without prior written permission from the Administration through a detailed letter from the email address [email protected].
2. Exploiting vulnerabilities in the program code and/or Prohibited software for unauthorized access to personal data of other participants, obtaining in-game items, altering, damaging, or deleting content on Project resources, as well as other unlawful actions.
3. Selling, reselling, and transferring in-game items, intellectual property items, and other material and immaterial goods owned by the Rights Holder.
4. Copying, analyzing, and decompiling the program code of any Project resources.

Refund Policy

Services are considered provided by the Project and accepted by the Customer at the time of ordering and payment, and a refund is not envisaged except in cases described in other sections of this Agreement.
The Project reserves the right to refuse a refund without specifying the reason.
If the Project decides to refund, the period is determined by the Project.

Public Comments and Discussions

The Supplier reserves the right to moderate and delete public comments and discussions on its resources in case of violation of the User Agreement or Project Rules.

Changes to the Agreement

The Supplier has the right to unilaterally modify this Agreement by notifying the User by posting an updated version on the Project's website.